Saturday, June 4, 2011

Videos and boards

Been enjoying watching the videos on the 'clogfest' channel

Looks fun!

In other news on hunt for some kinda wood board to dance on. I did notice an empty wooden pallet left outside a shop for rubbish collection but wasn't sure which shop to go and ask if I could take it. Plus it was rather heavy. Maybe a trip to B&Q is needed instead? Problem is I don't do I'd need some help. Oh well.....


  1. Your blog design looks great!! Looking forward to hear more about your clogging:)

  2. Thanks...I tried to keep it simple. Not sure on colours though.

  3. A year or two ago, I bought two pieces of thick plywood from B&Q for my daughter to practice her tap steps. Each was about 1000mmx500mm. Tapped them together to form a square using Duct Tape.
    But need to use on carpet other slip everywhere, or have something to stop the slipping.

  4. I did think perhaps of getting two pieces that weren't wide enough and glueing them together onto a felt backing (or maybe that stuff you get to put under rugs to stop from slipping on laminate flooring).