Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So....really need a post to put up for today...thought I'd explain my practice regime.
It goes something like this:
1. Step/Shuffle exercise
2. Hop/Spring exercise
3. Sit on chair with feet on board - walk through first/first progression/second/third schottiche (easy when siting down. lol!).
4. Stand up and run through first schottiche all the way through.
5. Go back and do the bits I did wrong right but slower.
6. Have a go at other schottiches in book.
7. Anything I'm not sure on....put DVD on and watch, annotating the book with things that will remind me of how to correlate the two. e.g. with first schottiche worked out instead of pausing to turn the page over that it just repeated....(so if I just drew brackets - round first 2 paragraphs of steps and wrote x3 it was the same).

1 comment:

  1. I can now do first schottiche without looking at the book...well except a little sneaky look to check which foot to start on.