Monday, October 29, 2012

Clog and making noise

So my practice is a little intermittent at the moment. Mainly because I either have to lug the board downstairs or wait till mum isn't in because:
Well...this video (from about 2.50 onwards) illustrates my problem.

Apparently I give her headache/make the ceiling shake. I don't see how. I'm trying to be less elephant like. lol! Concentrating on the steps that don't involve hops or springs has been my compromise. 
Any tips for being lighter on my feet and not so loud?


  1. Ha! great clip, Sarah...I see what you mean. Hmmm...perhaps practice in wooly slippers? LOL

    So, I'm sure this is a very naive question, but what's the difference between tapping, clogging, stepping and flatfooting? Well, I uess the last two are obvious, but where does clogging /stepping stop and tap-dancing begin?

    1. I brushed that question at one point
      But I'm sure Brenda could answer it better than me.

    2. I was thinking more like the dance equivalent of a violin mute. lol!