Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clog related stuff

So yes I was a bit quiet this weekend...because I was at shrewsbury folk festival. But managed to find lots of clog related stuff inbetween trying to see every act I wanted much to see so little time.
One of the highlights of the festival was 'ClogFest' which wasn't really explained in the programme but thought I'd go along anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.
And here is some clog to some 'diddling' (I think its called). Guarantee you'll be earwormed by it.

Also saw Stony Steppers dance on the village stage.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some more vids

So here is my latest attempt.
First schottiche progression

Second schottiche progression

Progress report 19/8/2011

Just to keep you up to date been focusing on trying to get comfortable with the double shuffle...and not loosing where I am. (I keep getting lost and not remembering how many steps I've done and if its time for the break. lol!)
Also working on the second scottiche progression. Remembering to go behind not in front....and not to step off the board. I have about 1cm margin of error in order to have room to shuffle in front and step behind.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Clog on TV

Come clog dancing was on tv again last night.
Watched it again 'understanding' more. Focusing on bits I wouldn't have focused on before.
And if you haven't watched it yet...I challenge you to watch it and not go 'ooh, I want to try that'. ;)

Caught the end of the folk prom too (clogging there)...will have to watch that on i-player.

On another note did a slow 'dance through' all the steps including double shuffle all in order. Unfortunately I don't have it all memorized yet still need the book in front of me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern music?

I was looking round the shops the other day, and listening to some of the modern 'dance' music they blast out. I attempted some of the clog steps to it. And for one of the songs it worked. Maybe its the steady beat was what made it possible?

Sorry short but sweet post today. Can't always find something to report each day. But like to make at least one or two posts a week. (been working on my (lack of) sewing skills this week).

Friday, August 5, 2011 tunes

This is the extra bit. I tried dancing 2nd Scottiche to tune on DVD used for first schottiche progression.
Steamboat Hornpipe. As you can tell its only third time through I get the hang of the rhythm.

Update 5/8/2011 (Shuffles, heels and different tunes)

Hello Readers!
Here is me long awaited update. Quite a few videos this time so may split into to posts.
Firstly the double shuffle. Seems to be one of those things some days I can do it others I can't. It's like my balance just disappears. As you can see this video is of a work in progress.

Secondly started working on Double & Single Heels at Brenda's suggestion. :)

Here is video of third schottiche. I decided to keep in the mistake....and where I slip off the board. Not for amusement..just to illustrate the little issues I have sometimes. lol!

And here's a hesitant 2nd schottiche....
Comments Welcome

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update 3/8/2011

As I haven't updated in a while.

Did a medium paced 'dance through' scottiche 1-3 then did the 'single and double heels' followed by the double shuffles.
Was exhausted after that...I am soooo unfit.

There will be video updates soon.