Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clog dance workshop

So today I got up at dawn to travel to Cecil Sharp House in go to a workshop.
A photo from the showcase (nope I'm not in the picture)

Now I was hopping between choosing Beginner (waltz) and Improver right up to the last moment. But went for beginner, which I think was the best choice and will prabably do improver next time. Unfortunately my alarm didn't go off - so I didn't have time for breakfast and arrived late but managed to catch up.
Took me a bit of time to get used to the waltz rythum but managed it in the end. Brain did stop working for a while...had to kick it into gear one last time for the showcase...eeeep! I didn't fall over doing the jump clicking heels together as I feared I might. Phew!
I think my legs and feet have now stopped was great fun but ever so tiring.

Video of the last dance...pat tracys A routine(?)

Been working on the waltz at home as you can see been making annotations on the notation.

I'm getting the highlighter pen out! That'll be same colours for identical sections repeated. Yep I really do need to colourcode steps. Its the way me brain remembers it.

You should see my copy of Brenda Walkers Clog dancing book...I've got doodles and notes all over it. lol! And instructions like LEFT or RIGHT written really big as prompts to get me to start on the correct foot.


  1. How lovely with a clog workshop! I remember the line dance work shops I used to do when I was younger. Good fun.

    1. Maybe you could come over next year and give it a go?

      There was a stall selling clogs in the tempted to buy another pair, but resisted...just.

    2. Oh no, I'm not able to do such things. I gave up dancing a few years ago. I loved dancing polska from Boda and Orsa, but my knees didn't agree...

    3. that's a shame...I will have to get you some new knees. ;)