Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stepping on concrete

So I had a sneaky quick go at trying the steps on the concrete while the weather was good and no one was watching.
Didn't slip over!
Getting further...although still adjusting to being on toes all the time (I don't wear heels...but can walk on stilts).

Only thing is the concrete has left the bottom of the clogs of pockmarked. Experts is this a bad thing?


  1. Kind of guess that if you hit a bit of wood on concrete repeatedly the wood will come off second best. Suggest rubbers if you want to perceiver on rough surfaces


  2. Oh dear! I'm sure you will wear out the clog soles quicker dancing on concrete but it sounds like you're making good progress with the clogging and experimenting on different surfaces can be interesting.

  3. Thanks Brenda. I found I could do the steps much easier than on carpet where I always feel like I'm going to slip over.
    Hopefully will get a wood board for practice soon.