Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swiveling ankles and heels

Well I'm running out of imaginative titles. lol! But in lindy hop I did some swivels (mutters to self...prepare, twist twist) anyway it made me think of the double and single heels and how I hadn't practiced them in a while. So here is the video.
You may notice I was trying to be clever with the editing....first zoomed out...then close up of feet.
Hopefully I'll get another video done in the next few days.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dancing Dolls at traditional music day

I know you might be thinking....what's that title to do with learning clog dancing. Well its to do with music and dance and I think quite relevent. I have recently purchased a 'jig doll'.
'She' is a 1920's 'flapper' called millie. 

I took her on an outing to EATMT Traditional Music Day. She got a lot of attention.

I even managed to get a video...or two. I'm not in either of them as I was filming...but she's a freindly jig doll who'll dance for anyone.

She misbehaved a little and took a stage dive. lol!
Hope you've enjoyed my little wander off on a tangent.