Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm back home! My competition report!

So hello I'm back from my holiday up north. I didn't just go to the clog competiton. I made it into a weeks holiday. It was a bit of a rush on the Sunday morning to get there (I'm sure every slow tractor trailer and caravan purposely got in the way). Got to the queen's hall at 10am. I was all in a fluster.
Found my way to the theatre. When I entered the room was relieved it hadn't started yet. Phew! The ladies at the desk were all very friendly...and informed me I was only one in my catagory. I was properly nervous. Spotted Brenda across the room who is as lovely in person as in the virtual world. Everyone was welcoming. Although they all asked 'Why did you come all the way from Essex?' lol!
Had to sort out with musician the speed I was gonna dance. Well, my double shuffle speed is much slower than my other steps so that was a bit tricky.
I enjoyed seeing all the other competitors dancing (so much better then me and many years younger. lol!) They were really impressive. Before I knew it suddenly it was my turn. Eeeep! On the stage the lights seemed so bright and the music sounded different and....well I started ok, but then on the 3rd step I made a mistake I shuffed infrot not behind and that one little thing threw me. I lost count. My mind went blank what was the next step??? I could see the judges scribbling notes and that sound seemed so loud. I tried to improvise just let my feet do the talking hoping they would remember the routine. It seemed like forever - I'm sure the tune should of ended by now- I glanced across at the musician he wasn't looking my way, no clue there. Should I just go into double shuffle? But how do I get into it I'm on wrong foot. Argh! I came to a halt. Sooooooo embaressing.
But I still got an applause. I think I must have gone bright red.
Sat and watched the pedastool competition. It was about the same size as my board I practice on.
I got given a medal for taking part (I didn't expect to get one after my epic fail) which I was greatful for. Also got given the cards with my marks on and some comments.
I'm not sure I'm cut out for competitions. ;) Or maybe I just need more practice....

After the morning competiton watch some of the rapper dancers. They were amazing. But after that I was soooo hungry I had to go get something to eat. I did want to go back in but the food took ages to arrive and then mum wanted to go 'find' hadrians wall before it got dark. I did have a nice day though.
Climbing along wall (well...tower) still in my clog outfit