Monday, March 18, 2013

Tapping in clogs

Hi there readers....sorry I haven't posted in ages. Wanted to tell you about a little workshop I did the other day. 'Tap Shim Sham' nope I haven't abandoned clog...just wanted to try something a bit different. I did however wear my clogs to do the workshop. Made the 'pick ups' a bit tricky but was definately possible.
Usually at swing events you get the 'soft shoe' shim sham. (see video)

But the original was a tap one so I thought sounds fun I'll give it a go. The teacher was great, giving you lots of options depending on what level of difficulty you wanted to go up to.
 It was faster than I expected but I managed to keep up. Woke up this morning and can still remember the steps which is usually a good thing.

Here is my very quick rough recording of me doing the steps.