Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shuffle's and jumps...

Single & triple shuffles.
For some reason I can do the steps but they aren't in time to the music...I'm fine when I have the DVD on to follow...but take that away put on the music and it all goes pear shaped.
I've tried saying the steps..I've tried counting out loud as I do them. Grrr!
 It looks fine without the music but with it I feel like I'm constantly trying to keep up.
The video of me above is first without music, then with music [me playing then using the cd track].
Am I doing it wrong?

Next is single heels & single jump...
I did fumble it at the end. I realize I'd got wrong foot in front and it slightly threw me. Actually I keep doing that find right foot in front of left easier than the other way round...and I have jumped onto my toe a couple of times...ouchy. Should I be getting that much 'hang time' in the air? Or should the jumps be more subtle?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Double shuffle...I may have just got it

I was just trying everything the other day to try and get double shuffle to work.

1 - Danced along to DVD (slow speed) 5 times.
2 - Turned round so I wasn't facing the screen and danced along 3 times.
3 - I also do straight shuffles instead of rounded ones as suggested.

Something dawned on me...if I didn't listen to the melody closely like I usually do I could dance to it much long as I remembered to do the double shuffle at the right time. It meant I could have brain free to count steps rather than concentrating on the beat. This seemed quite counter intuitive so I put it to the test. Used the 'slow' and 'medium' music on the CD to dance to...and it...worked well it seems to work.

I shall have to try it again and see if it works now I've had time to 'forget' and see if it works without having double shuffled all evening first.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first public clog dance...

Sooooooo...last night had my first ever 'public' performance dancing clog. Eeep! Scary! It was at the local session. A friend had very kindly offered to play for me.

I wonder if I should have started slower to take into account of how sluggish my brain is when I'm nervous.

Got through the first 2 'steps' fine at the end of the third one I nearly lost my balance (didn't fall off the board or stop but it threw me a bit). So as I started the double heels my inner monologue went something like.

You've done too many double were supposed to do a single heel...not you can't fit in the comes 'B' part of the tune...try again....messed it up again because on wrong something...the end is getting closer...improvise...I know you don't improvise but do something.....step, shuffle JUMP!

I landed only 'just' on the board.

No one commented that I made a mistake and I got a round of hopefully no one noticed I messed up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Keeping you updated - March

I feel like I should do a March update. Firstly I'm almost getting the hang of the basic break dropping heels. But still at slow pace...need to speed up gradually.
I'm also going to be dancing a short spot at session this month. Bit scary....but have been practicing the clog 'routine' and it uses all the steps I'm most confident with... No double shuffle!!!!

and on another note....
I have to admit...I have tried to do some charleston steps in my clogs. Makes swiveling my ankles easier coz the clogs slip and slide unlike my trainers. I really need to get some proper dance shoes, its doing my knees in.....I keep recognizing elements that remind me of clog steps in the charleston and lindy stuff.