Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strictly Clog Dancing

So I saw 'Come Clog Dancing' on the BBC and it made me think 'Yeah I want to try that'.

(See link below for clip)

It was definitely English Step Clog I wanted to do rather than NW morris clog or Appalacian.

First thing I did was order clogs from Trefor Owen.

And several months later they arrived. Aren't they pretty?

My second though was 'Get some lessons or to a workshop' now problem is asking around takes time...and I seem to have missed a lot of stuff earlier in the year. So gotta wait and wait and wait around for workshops.
So decided to be pro-ctive. Couldn't find any youtube tutorials but found a DVD/book for beginners.
So have decided to get it, that way I can work at my own pace and might have a chance of picking it up in a group or workshop situation.

More updates soon.

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  1. I have a nice video somewhere from the Appalachian oldtime music gathering in Denmark a few years ago, with a girl from Stockholm clogging. It looks so neat! My left knee is so fussy that I think I'm better off with just playing the music:)