Monday, February 20, 2012

What Level Am I? Workshop Dilemma...

What level am I?
Yes. I'm playing that game again. I do it with every workshop whether it be music, dance etc. 
I just find it impossible to judge my level of competency and thus pick the correct class. I can spend weeks hopping from one thing to another trying to list the pros and cons of each. Or guessing what skills might be needed and if I could get away with doing something a little tricky or to go for something easy.
I wish workshops would just 'audition' you and stick you in the right class. I can't rely on myself not to be biased for or against my skills.

There's a clog workshop day at cecil sharp house in April that I'd like to go to. 
I just can't decide which class to chose. I've never been before so don't know what to expect.
So...What level am I?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow clog

As some of you may know it snowed over the weekend...actually got enough snow to make stuff with. So I present to you....

A Snow Clog!
 (and yes those are my 'everyday' walking around clogs I'm wearing...proved to be up to the snow.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Update February 2012 - jumps and heels

So here it goes a little update. I've been working on the basic break dropping heels. Its so much easier when I just do stright shuffle instead of trying to do rounded shuffle.
Also been working on double & single heels with 'jump'. I didn't realize right foot had to land directly infront of left foot and vice versa till I watched the video. And suddenly it made sense. Now just got to do it without loosing balance. lol!

Last off a little video I made. Been learning to play the tune of the month 'Rabbit Stew' and decided to record and dance to it. Hope you like it.