Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first public clog dance...

Sooooooo...last night had my first ever 'public' performance dancing clog. Eeep! Scary! It was at the local session. A friend had very kindly offered to play for me.

I wonder if I should have started slower to take into account of how sluggish my brain is when I'm nervous.

Got through the first 2 'steps' fine at the end of the third one I nearly lost my balance (didn't fall off the board or stop but it threw me a bit). So as I started the double heels my inner monologue went something like.

You've done too many double heels...you were supposed to do a single heel...not now....now you can't fit in the break...here comes 'B' part of the tune...try again....messed it up again because on wrong foot...do something...the end is getting closer...improvise...I know you don't improvise but do something.....step, shuffle JUMP!

I landed only 'just' on the board.

No one commented that I made a mistake and I got a round of applause...so hopefully no one noticed I messed up.

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