Monday, March 19, 2012

Double shuffle...I may have just got it

I was just trying everything the other day to try and get double shuffle to work.

1 - Danced along to DVD (slow speed) 5 times.
2 - Turned round so I wasn't facing the screen and danced along 3 times.
3 - I also do straight shuffles instead of rounded ones as suggested.

Something dawned on me...if I didn't listen to the melody closely like I usually do I could dance to it much long as I remembered to do the double shuffle at the right time. It meant I could have brain free to count steps rather than concentrating on the beat. This seemed quite counter intuitive so I put it to the test. Used the 'slow' and 'medium' music on the CD to dance to...and it...worked well it seems to work.

I shall have to try it again and see if it works now I've had time to 'forget' and see if it works without having double shuffled all evening first.

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