Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Clog Photo's

The sun was shining and it was one of those rare nice autumn/winter days so I went out and took some pics.

They look quite nice against the autumn colours


  1. I think they're super photos too. They've really captured the Autumn colours. I'm wondering if you are still going to dance out this Christmas Sarah? You'll need a shawl at the ready ... not mulled wine which makes the feet slurrrrr! Good to try it out though (more fun learning from mistakes).

  2. Thanks. If it snows I'll do some snow ones. (Want to try to get photo for each season).

    I haven't found anyone who'd like to play for me to dance busking yet. :(

    But have had first 'sort of' public performance at small local session.

    Might be beginning of summer before I master that silly double shuffle!