Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clog update 10/11/2011

I know, I know...haven't updated in a while. But here you go I have some videos to tide you over. (recorded after a marathon 45min practice session)
I am still working away at the double shuffle. It is doing my head in. I just can't do it consistently fast enough to keep in time with the music. I run out of 'umph' after the first few bars and get out of time and that's with the 'slow' tune.

On another note:
If anyone hasn't spotted it yet there's a show on ITV1 at 4pm called Ade in Britain. Mondays episode featured some clog making and clog dancing. I believe its still available on ITVplayer.


  1. Really enjoyed your steps and seeing Trefor Owen with his clog making in the Ade in Britain programme. Thanks for mentioning it Sarah. I was wondering if you had started learning the 'Single & triple shuffles' on page 11 yet. It's another step similar to the 'Double shuffle' and it may help to learn this too. A wee tip .. after the first shuffle of the 'Double Shuffle' leave the foot at the front and then do the second shuffle. There is not time to take it right back. This may be why you cannot keep up with the music. Be sure to get two beats in your shuffles though. :)

  2. They had some 'stepdancing' on on thursdays episode too.

    Thanks for the tip. I did try the single & triple shuffle, but actively focused on learning it yet.