Thursday, September 12, 2013

Practicing the routine - 3 weeks to go!!!

So finally decided on order of steps for my routine. It was last 2 steps before the double shuffle I couldn't decide the order on.

But I think this order works best as it helps re balance me before *dramatic music* the double shuffle.
I've tried different order before

But it just didn't work for me. My brain wants me to do it in order I learned the steps. lol!

1 - 1st Schottiche
2 - 1st Schottiche Progression
3 - 2nd Scottiche
4 - 2nd Scottiche Progression
5 - Double & Single Heels
6 - 3rd Scottiche
Double Shuffle

I'm going to start slower too or else I'll speed up too much by the end and double shuffle will be epic fail.
I keep telling myself the double shuffle is just counting to 8 three times then a break on each foot. So I'll probably be muttering under my breath on the day. Saying steps as I do them is something I've taken from lindy hop classes. It does help. The problem is to say it in my head rather than out loud when there's an audience. lol!

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