Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swiveling ankles and heels

Well I'm running out of imaginative titles. lol! But in lindy hop I did some swivels (mutters to self...prepare, twist twist) anyway it made me think of the double and single heels and how I hadn't practiced them in a while. So here is the video.
You may notice I was trying to be clever with the editing....first zoomed out...then close up of feet.
Hopefully I'll get another video done in the next few days.


  1. That's really nice and you're well on your toes throughout. I see you don't have a bed behind you now to collapse onto. That's progress too! :)

    1. Thanks. :) I think its one of my fave steps along with the umpahs.

      Finally moved my sisters junk out of my room so I have a nice clear space to dance in. Although mum keeps complaining I make the ceiling shake. lol!