Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yes, I am still practicing!

I know I've been rather quiet with the blog. But I have still been practicing. Even if its just 'shuffling' in a spare moment waiting for a train etc.
Still trying to do a 'routine' without a mistake so I can put a video up. Maybe I'm being a bit too picky and need to accept the errors?
I brought the board downstairs and did some practice while I watched TV...before you say 'waste of electricity' I was fitting it in in the ad breaks.
Multitasking. Well if I can sew and watch tv I can dance and watch tv.

I read somewhere it takes 10,000 hours practice to be a musician. How many hours practice does it take to be a dancer?


  1. A perfect time to practice shuffling is waiting for the train or at a bus stop especially in the Winter when it's freezing. I'm looking forward to the next video though and I think the amount of hours practice to be a dancer depends on whether or not you have a natural ability to dance. Some people learn quicker than others but the important thing is that you are enjoying it. :)

    1. Or with the current weather practicing in the summer to keep warm. lol!
      Oh, yes still enjoying it. I think on the steps I'm confident with I'm getting quicker...but the ones I'm not so confident with are getting a bit left behind. Its trying to find the middle ground speed wise between the two so I can do all the steps with fairly equal aplomb.