Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 2012 Update - finding the right music for dancing

So I had a mega practice session yesterday. Working my way through all the beginner steps. Realized I should record myself a slightly faster soundtrack. (see link below)

I also noticed a trend. Its the steps with lots of sequential shuffles that I struggle with....I keep going out of time when I do them.

I also had a go at recording a waltz for practicing the waltz time clog steps from the workshop I went to.

I'm finding it hard to find a waltz I can play that 'fits' the steps. Any suggestions? What elements in a tune should I be looking for?

Oh, here is a tune I've taken a liking too wonder if I can dance to it?


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Lovely music!
    With regard to the waltzes I find 'Orange in Bloom' much too slow to dance to. Perhaps this may be the problem whilst 'Nellie's Hat Melodeon' is fine. Although Nellie's Hat is still a bit on the slow side, it will be good for practising the steps to until you've mastered them before getting the tempo up.
    SportshpCLOG is really nice too. The steps with shuffles will get easier the more you practise as your ankles will get looser. Also make sure the shuffles are not too big - this will help you to keep in time with the music. Keep it up! You're making great progress!

    1. Thanks. :)
      Your feedback on the tunes helps. I'm never sure if its the tunes fault or mine with my dancing. lol!
      Waltzes are a weakness of mine. I'm not strong at playing them. Nellie's hat is a jolly tune the lyrics of the original song make me chuckle. Once I get more confident I will have to re-record it at a faster speed. Sportsman's hornpipe is one of my favorite tunes.
      Between clog and lindy hop I should have really loose ankles. :)
      I do feel like I'm starting to speed up more and beats are clearer although I still fluff quite a few of them. lol!