Friday, April 13, 2012

Clog & Tap?

Off on a slight tangent...
Totally fallen for this dance sequence...and the music is such an earworm.
Its from a film called 'you never were lovelier' (I went out and bought the DVD...the plots not bad...with some funny dialogue. I actually stumbled upon it trying to look up what the move 'shorty george' was. lol!

At about 1.08 is that a bit like stepping back/over?
I stumbled upon this quote "It is in fact noted that Fred Astaire was taught to dance by a traditional clog dancer." which made me look at Fred Astaire's dancing again.

So wondering a bit about the connection between tap and clog...are the steps quite similar?


  1. Love the Fred Astaire 'clip' Sarah. Yes you're absolutely right about the clog dancer going to America to teach clogging which went onto to become tap dancing. Her name was Annie Liscombe, daughter of Jack Liscombe, and she was from South Shields. Here's a link to a fairly recent article which was featured in the South Shields Gazette. There's not many tap dancers know this little snippet of history which is so interesting but when I mention it to audiences when we dance out they are fascinated. Other dancers Annie taught were Gene Kelly and Eddy Cantor. Amazing aye!

    1. So glad its true. Its a nice little 'fact' to be able to come out with (kind of thing they'd have as a question on QI).
      You'll be humming 'shorty george' all day now. lol!