Thursday, January 26, 2012

So you know how I said...

So you know how I said I hadn't seen any clog dancing on got to dance...well I was watching 'auditions uncut' and what do a spy but 2 clog dancers.
They got 2 gold stars....which I think means on the shortlist...but can't find them listed on the website as live semi finalist. :(
Edit: Found a video. One of my fave tunes.

I have still been practicing my just I don't want to bore you with the same posts over and over. And am saving updates for 'progress' or any particular area of 'difficulty' rather than just posting every day 'still practicing'.

and finally...
I'm also learning swing jive....loving the charleston and lindy hop elements of it. If it hadn't been for clog dancing I don't think I'd of had the confidence or fitness to try any other kind of dance.

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  1. Wohoo, brilliant! Nothing beats some good clogging to music like that!