Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Feet!

Here's a subject that I think relates to the clog dance....feet.

I am by nature quite a sedentary person. My feet have always been a problem. Finding shoes that don't end up with blisters or bleeding ankles is hard for me.
I have found the clogs (a lovely custom pair from Trefor Owen) I have comfortable and have not had any of the usual problems.

In general though I have recently had to take more care of my feet after spotting I had an ingrowing toenail about 6 months ago.

Got myself a routine.
- soak feet in salt water
- cut tonails (I find if nail gets too long it aggravates ingrowing toenail)
- cream feet

I find if I leave off the routine for more than a couple of days the cracked heels and dry skin come back.

Keeping my feet healthy is also more of a focus as that's what I'm dancing with...and don't like having to put off practice coz my feet are sore.

On another note practiced again last night.

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