Friday, August 5, 2011 tunes

This is the extra bit. I tried dancing 2nd Scottiche to tune on DVD used for first schottiche progression.
Steamboat Hornpipe. As you can tell its only third time through I get the hang of the rhythm.


  1. You are making wonderful progress Sarah. The Schottische steps are fine and dancing to alternative tunes to the DVD tunes will be automatic in no time.
    You've mastered the movements of the Single & double heels in an even rhythm, now try to get a dotted rhythm - clap the rhythm so you have a pause before the 2 beats of the 2nd & 4th count (& so on). It's such a short pause but will give you the dotted 'uneven' rhythm. The DVD will help you hear this too.
    Clapping the rhythm of a step and getting used to hearing the rhythm can help enormously when beating it out with your feet.
    I can see you're going to need some 'encore' steps for the Christmas 'dance out'. :)

  2. Thanks. :)
    Don't think I could dance it outside in summer...would get too hot in the sun....stick to winter.