Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clothes maketh a (wo)man...

Clothes maketh a (wo) misquote a saying.
Been thinking a lot about clothes. I think reading a book about outfits through the ages first prompted it.
It kinda recalled to my mind reading here
"Any style may be danced. Clogs must be worn and traditional costume is preferred in all competitions except the Group Section."

So what is traditional costume?

In Essex it seems to be, peroxide blonde, white shoes, short skirt and an unflattering top. ;) Somehow I don't think that's what is meant.

Anyway back to my question for clog, what is the traditional costume, and what is the 'perfect' outfit?

I'm finding baggy trousers don't work...and they cover the shoes and if I'm not careful I step on my own hems.

Purely concerned with outfit...
e.g. Skirt or trousers? How long? Colours/fabrics? What kind of Top? Seperate top and bottoms or a dress? Anything in the hair? Hairstyles?

To quote a quote "of course it's traditional - we did it last year, didn't we?!" ;)

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