Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm back home! My competition report!

So hello I'm back from my holiday up north. I didn't just go to the clog competiton. I made it into a weeks holiday. It was a bit of a rush on the Sunday morning to get there (I'm sure every slow tractor trailer and caravan purposely got in the way). Got to the queen's hall at 10am. I was all in a fluster.
Found my way to the theatre. When I entered the room was relieved it hadn't started yet. Phew! The ladies at the desk were all very friendly...and informed me I was only one in my catagory. I was properly nervous. Spotted Brenda across the room who is as lovely in person as in the virtual world. Everyone was welcoming. Although they all asked 'Why did you come all the way from Essex?' lol!
Had to sort out with musician the speed I was gonna dance. Well, my double shuffle speed is much slower than my other steps so that was a bit tricky.
I enjoyed seeing all the other competitors dancing (so much better then me and many years younger. lol!) They were really impressive. Before I knew it suddenly it was my turn. Eeeep! On the stage the lights seemed so bright and the music sounded different and....well I started ok, but then on the 3rd step I made a mistake I shuffed infrot not behind and that one little thing threw me. I lost count. My mind went blank what was the next step??? I could see the judges scribbling notes and that sound seemed so loud. I tried to improvise just let my feet do the talking hoping they would remember the routine. It seemed like forever - I'm sure the tune should of ended by now- I glanced across at the musician he wasn't looking my way, no clue there. Should I just go into double shuffle? But how do I get into it I'm on wrong foot. Argh! I came to a halt. Sooooooo embaressing.
But I still got an applause. I think I must have gone bright red.
Sat and watched the pedastool competition. It was about the same size as my board I practice on.
I got given a medal for taking part (I didn't expect to get one after my epic fail) which I was greatful for. Also got given the cards with my marks on and some comments.
I'm not sure I'm cut out for competitions. ;) Or maybe I just need more practice....

After the morning competiton watch some of the rapper dancers. They were amazing. But after that I was soooo hungry I had to go get something to eat. I did want to go back in but the food took ages to arrive and then mum wanted to go 'find' hadrians wall before it got dark. I did have a nice day though.
Climbing along wall (well...tower) still in my clog outfit

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trying to remember a routine...

So I tried writing up little 'prompt' to help me not go blank every time I move from one step to another. lol!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Practicing the routine - 3 weeks to go!!!

So finally decided on order of steps for my routine. It was last 2 steps before the double shuffle I couldn't decide the order on.

But I think this order works best as it helps re balance me before *dramatic music* the double shuffle.
I've tried different order before

But it just didn't work for me. My brain wants me to do it in order I learned the steps. lol!

1 - 1st Schottiche
2 - 1st Schottiche Progression
3 - 2nd Scottiche
4 - 2nd Scottiche Progression
5 - Double & Single Heels
6 - 3rd Scottiche
Double Shuffle

I'm going to start slower too or else I'll speed up too much by the end and double shuffle will be epic fail.
I keep telling myself the double shuffle is just counting to 8 three times then a break on each foot. So I'll probably be muttering under my breath on the day. Saying steps as I do them is something I've taken from lindy hop classes. It does help. The problem is to say it in my head rather than out loud when there's an audience. lol!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Long time no see....I'm back

Yes I know I've been remiss in my posting. But the next few weeks I will be practicing intensely. trying to master or at least get a vague grip on the double shuffle and memorizing a routine.

Although doing the lindy hop I'm getting better at remembering steps in a short amount of time.
I did a run through sans clogs the other day while waiting for the bus - I know got some odd looks - but I remembered most of it. I think my shuffles are stronger than ever.

And all that bouncing in lindy hop has helped get a soft bounce rather than the usual elephant falling to earth 'hops'. lol! I also don't step on my own toes so much. But I do have to really resist the urge to throw my arms around now.

As I'm going to enter the novice section....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tapping in clogs

Hi there readers....sorry I haven't posted in ages. Wanted to tell you about a little workshop I did the other day. 'Tap Shim Sham' nope I haven't abandoned clog...just wanted to try something a bit different. I did however wear my clogs to do the workshop. Made the 'pick ups' a bit tricky but was definately possible.
Usually at swing events you get the 'soft shoe' shim sham. (see video)

But the original was a tap one so I thought sounds fun I'll give it a go. The teacher was great, giving you lots of options depending on what level of difficulty you wanted to go up to.
 It was faster than I expected but I managed to keep up. Woke up this morning and can still remember the steps which is usually a good thing.

Here is my very quick rough recording of me doing the steps.

Friday, December 28, 2012

December Update

Ok I know I've been a little quiet lately. I sorta plataued for a while and thought it would be a little dull just to post same thing over and over. Anyways I've been working on Irish rover (with variation) after Brenda's suggestion I try it.
Firstly, eep! Its in the intermediate section. But need'n't have worried, picked it up fairly quick. But I still need the book in front of me at the moment. So need to practice more and get my speed up so I can add music. Haven't tried turning on the spot with it yet. Which bit of the step to you turn on and which direction?

Monday, November 26, 2012

In the absence of an update....

Haven't had chance to record any updates lately...just too much going on, but in its place thought I'd share another video featuring a clog dance.

Starts at 2.29

On a side note the lady in the video was thinking potential clog outfit?